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Scotty at Zia

With how the economy is today it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to save some money. A good place to go to buy some good and cheap Latino Records is at your local used record and CD store. Some people have stopped going out to the movies, or going out to eat but there are some people like me who need entertainment to survive. I am always on the hunt for the best deals on movies and music. Four for $20 movies are one of my favorite things to spend my money on- even when I don’t have money. My friends Scotty and Sarah came with me to our local Zia Records to document our mission to find some cheap music.

sarahandscottyI always find some good treasures whether it be older music or the latest jams. It’s a great place to get gifts and fun little things like air fresheners with clever sayings on them and hackey sacs. Some stuff I have found was Timberiche, the RBD of my parents time. A pop group that I remember listening to all the time when I was a little kid because they are like the NSync and Destiny’s Child mixed together for Mexico.  I bought that for my mom for Christmas and it brought her back to her teens. 

What is good about these shops is that there is a real local feeling and you are also puting money into your own community. These places don’t only have used CDs but they often have used DVDs and Television Shows.

This Zia Records had its own little section for Shakira and we all know how Shakira has had one of the best major cross-overs in the US. Definitely one of the best Latina acts out there.sarahlatinsign

There was no luck today in finding a good CD, but i guess I got to save some more money instead. Other ways that people are saving money is going to used clothes store, dollar stores, and bumming from their parents. I have some friends who frequents Savers. They find some cdcloseupgreat deals and great stuff. It’s not a big deal people, just wash it and it is like good as new.

Here are some of the albums I’ve purchased in the past at Zia, F.Y.E. and Circles: Records and Tapes in down town Phoenix..

Motel by Motel
17 by Motel
Un Dia Mas by Reik
Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo by Calle 13

Here is the song 17 by Motel, they are a great alternative rock band and Rolling Stones called their sophomore album one of the biggest albums of 2008 to anticipate.

All Photos By Omar Zamora


~ by zamomar on February 26, 2009.

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