Se also habla English

When did I ever think that all my white friends would be singing along to songs whose lyrics are half in Spanish? Everyone knows about the Macarena and I’ll give you Suavemente or A Dios le Pido because they were a must in Spanish class. Now with mainstream artists like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, they are bringing a different language to the masses.

In my opinion there is always some nifty song that is being played on the radio that is in a different language and to me, it’s a fad that comes and goes. The only difference about the Spanish songs is that they have the staying power and a big enough following from fans that they don’t go away. There is a giant market in the United States for these Spanish songs and Spanish artists.

I was so astounded when I began hearing “La Tortura” by Shakira on the English speaking radio as a regular song on their playlist. I thought that because there are so many Spanish speakers in Arizona, that that was the reason as to why it was on such heavy rotation. Then I started watching the video on MTV, and I knew that I was mistaken. Soon after, Pitbull came out with a Spanglish song called Culo, and that song also became a hit across the U.S.

My friends all looked to me for the translations, “Omar I have no idea what these songs are saying but I love them!”

“Can you understand what they are saying?”
“Can you tell me what it means?”
“Are you sure that’s what it means?”

Yes. Yes. Yes.

There is a new band called The D.E.Y., and they have really encompassed the Spanglish, do what you want, awesome beats experiment down. They are composed of two rappers and a singer, and they rap and sing back and forth in English and Spanish. They said in an interview with MTVtr3s that they never had any form of entertainment that catered to their lifestyles. It was either cut and dry, English or Spanish. They wanted to do something different and unique.

I hope to see more bands like this because the integration of so many cultures is what we’re living in today. Everyone and everything is mixing into a true melting pot. No one is trying to be like one another so much as learning from one another.

Here is a video for The D.E.Y.’s song I Get The Feeling. Followed by the link to their interview given by MTVtr3s.

MTVtr3s Interview with The D.E.Y.


~ by zamomar on April 14, 2009.

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