se habla espanol sometimes

Omar at a fiesta

Omar at a fiesta

My name is Omar Zamora. I am a journalism student at Arizona State University with a focus in public relations. I am also minoring in Spanish. I grew up in the south side of Phoenix, Arizona but as more and more bad activity grew on the south side my parents moved my family to the north side just east of Glendale.

I definitely have never been alienated and I can’t say that I’ve ever felt negatively ostricized for being Mexican (except the first day of kindergarten when someone pointed out my skin color, that sticks out in my mind.) Spanish was my first language but now because I think in English and speak it with out an accent, my Spanish has faded just a bit.

I have grown up around white people all my life and the only hispanic community that I have ever been able to associate with has been my family and even more so cousins. It’s too bad because I absolutely love my culture, I love listening to spanish music and watching spanish television. I love visiting Guadalajara, Jalisco in the summer time with my family.

Hopefully I can give insight to what kind of things I have dealt with and what kind of things interest me. I’m all about the reggaeton, dancing at the fiesta, and eating tamales. I’m not the cholo with the low-rider, shaved head and a goat-tee. But my cousin Paul is, and he has my back.


2 Responses to “se habla espanol sometimes”

  1. 🙂 I think you are awesome

  2. Love your stuff Cuz keep it up 😉

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