Tv for me

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I don’t have to wait for the weekend anymore to watch Spanish music videos that are a few months outdated on Univision.


MTV has made a channel that I am currently obsessed with because it incorporates all the music that I love.


I am obsessed with MtvTrés.


The motto that MtvTrés goes by is “We Get You,” “Para Music Freaks,” and “Lati… Hispa… well you know what I mean.” We totally get what they mean. There is finally a giant organization that realized that there is a giant market out there of kids whose every day life is filled with Spanish and English. The great thing is that this channel is not a Spanish channel. It’s a channel that truly caters to the new generations who embrace a new culture that’s on that borderline. There are kids out there who not only listen to Top 40 hits, but also listen to music in Spanish and even more today the music that is in Spanglish.


One of my favorite songs out there right now is the latest single by Calle 13 called Electro Movimiento. Check it out. It’s a synth-pop rap with an English chorus.



Mtv3’s main shows are Quiero Mis Quinces (Sweet Sixteen), Pimpeando (Pimp My Ride), and an assortment of music video shows including one in development that will show case Banda Music (not my cup of tea but there is an audience for it.)


Their commercials show something that would be very normal and typical for a Latino kid to go through, but would be alienating to other cultures. They show our over bearing parents, choosing the right dress for the Quinceañera and the ever open door to stay living at home with our parents even in to our 40s.


They also have an online blog called Blogamole focusing on everything from chisme to politics and current latino news.


Every few weeks they run mini-documentaries that focus on a young person who has affected their community in a small way through their TuPride campaign.


That’s what I like the most of Mtv3. They are shedding a positive light on the Latino youth community that is often overlooked.



Link- MTVTr3s



That’s my drink

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It used to be that I could only get really good Mexican food at my house, my Nanas, or at anyone’s house that was related to me. Or duh, from a Mexican. Now us college kids seriously can go to just about every other corner and find exactly what we’re craving and it will be delicious, cheap and pretty close if not the same to the real deal. This is thanks to all the branding that the“blahblah-Beto’s” or “los-somethingorother’s”  names have caused out there.


Filibertos in Tempe

Filibertos in Tempe


The most popular franchise I see in the Phoenix area is Filiberto’s. I prefer my local Fiesta Burrito but I used to live across the street from the Filiberto’s that’s closest to Arizona State University. That place was seriously always happening. I did not matter what time of the day or night, I could look out my window and there would always be someone there, ordering food at the little makeshift shack or waiting at the drive-thru.


When did everyone begin to love these places with all their heart? The 2 a.m. drunks, the cure-seeking hung-over folk, the poor college students and the mom taking her friend out for an “authentic” Mexican lunch? When? Why did I seriously not know about these until my senior year of high school after an obscure Friday night party?


The only big difference is that when I took my Mom and Dad there, they automatically didn’t like it. It’s clearly a fabrication to the older generation but whatever, us young folk like it. We eat it up like our ma’s made it in the kitchen by our room. Where else have I seen menudo, tortas, horchata and cow tongue on the menu? Nowhere. This will do.


This is so crazy to me because when I was growing up on South Phoenix, my family and I were the only brown faces to be seen for miles. My friends would come over and be astonished by the cow tongue, the cow tripe and the horchata (best described as a rice and cinnamon drink.)


Well I think the only possible explanation is that everyone is sick of Taco Bell. I was never a fan and even being in one of their stores grosses me out. Don’t eat there. Just Saying.


Now, everyone is sipping on that horchata like they have been their whole life. I’m okay with it though; let us all enjoy horchata. Everyone I know eats at one of these places at least once a week. You should definitely get out there and look one of these places up if you still haven’t. Go grab a chimichanga, a carne asada french fry platter, or a breakfast burrito if it’s still too early. Wash it down with some horchata and enjoy your day.



The Bertos Bonanza- AZ Central


Qué Onda?

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Hey people. Latino culture has been popping up all over the United States and I’ve noticed that there aren’t many blogs focused on the youth of this culture. I’m going to bring aspects from entertainment, music, politics, and just interesting stuff that I come across that affects the young folk. Yes this is still America but with organizations like LatinoVote, MunDos and MtvTres, it’s no wonder that latino youth of today have a bigger and stronger voice. Balancing our mainstream american life with the old culture that our madres and padres gave us, has definitely given us a different point of view to many things. We can speak Spanglish and help translate at our jobs yet still watch the latest movies on the weekends and keep up on the latest news. Atrévete. Dare yourself right now and get ino the Latino youth culture. Get there.